COVID-19 Face Mask Shortage – Seamstresses & Tailors – We need you!

SARS-CoV-2 creates a disease called COVID-19. This is a new flu this year. It is particularly harmful to seniors. From global reports it has been contained in China, and other places. Until we can identify (get more testing kits) and quarantine infected people this is going to spread. For younger healthy people this, generally, is a mild flu. Younger healthy […]

Vegetarians Unite!

Vegetarians Unite! Spring is right around the corner and the magnolia’s are blooming! Spring means changes, and we are happy to announce changes to our menus. Our Chef has heard the requests of our residents and added a vegetarian option to our menus everyday for lunch and dinner. We now offer three choices for every meal, one being vegetarian. As […]

Culture of Caring

Culture of Caring Dear Micky, Over the past year we have had the pleasure of visiting our mom, Sonia, at her home with Cherish at Central Park.  Through that time, we have seen her cognitive abilities continue to decline and as a result her care needs escalated to the point that she required more advanced services in another setting and […]

Welcoming Moms and Mentors to the Cherish Family

Welcoming Moms and Mentors to the Cherish Family Moms and Mentors is a local grassroots group that matches new young moms with experienced moms who provide support and guidance. Maureen Hobbs, the driving force behind Moms and Mentors, has also organized scholarships for the new moms with wonderful success. Moms and Mentors gives these people a hand up and not […]

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