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Pension funds, insurance companies and other large organizations are the primary funders of seniors housing in Canada.  These kinds of investors choose seniors housing due to the favourable risk-return comparison, the real estate asset security and the stable monthly cash flow.  This is a rare opportunity for individual investors to make this same type of investment directly into a property with proven professionals without the layers of overhead and costs associated with public companies.

Cherish at Central Park is a Limited Partnership. Our owner’s ownership interest is represented with Limited Partnership Units. We have chosen to use a Limited Partnership due to the favourable income tax advantages. The cost of income tax to your investment portfolio is significant when one considers the impact of compounding interest over your lifetime. Over your lifetime, it can mean as much as 20% of the value of your portfolio (based on Canadian averages).

Given the asset-intensive nature of our business, the permitted tax deduction for depreciation (Capital Cost Allowance per CRA definition) is significant and is passed along directly to the Unitholders, increasing your after-tax return. Prudent investors know that when making comparisons between investments, it is the after-tax return that is to be compared because it is what you get to keep that count!

Every day we make a difference. The Cherish Way™ has a proven track record of making people’s lives better. Our residents have the support of our community. Family members have the comfort of knowing their loved one is living in a community of friends that care.

We thank everyone for their interest in Cherish at Central Park.



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