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Cherish at Central Park offers the opportunity to own a unit in a full service community living residence.

While we had the best of intentions, as clearly outlined in the Marketing Disclosure statement, to make this a very affordable way to enjoy the benefits of an innovative age-in-place senior living community, sadly, the Strata here has earned a reputation.

The entire building is NOT one strata. “Unit Entitlement” does NOT apply to the whole building. The strata ONLY holds the condominiums, the strata can NOT block the entire business from doing required maintenance or prevent the residence from being a beautifully clean space (“sparkling clean” costs more than “good enough”). The Strata here does NOT determine how the retirement residence operates. While Cherish is well recognized for its commitment to customer service, the owners of 15% of the suites do NOT decide how the business operates.

If you are considering purchasing at Cherish at Central Park, PLEASE CALL TO BOOK A TOUR FOR YOURSELF. Call 250-478-4431. One Owner here was told by a Realtor that the “minutes were really nothing” and waived their right to see them finding himself in the middle of a contractual breach by the Strata. The condo owners do NOT own the parking, the storage units, the bicycle parking, the hallways, elevators, stairs, balconies, grounds or common areas. A condo Owner owns their apartment and that is all they own, they own nothing more. Subject to the compliance with the contracts in place, parking and storage can be available. Owners do share in the costs of maintaining the areas they use, the amounts of which are calculated in accordance with the Reciprocal Easement Agreement which is in the Marketing Disclosure Statement. While the Marketing Disclosure Statement is large, it is detailed and specific. The owners of Cherish at Central Park want everyone to understand what they were and are buying into.

If you choose to buy, there is a basic amenity services package for which you are required to pay. The amount of possible increase in the basic amenity services package is restricted to the Cost of Living Index. You can choose to take advantage of additional services and/or care available in the building, or not. It’s up to you. However, Cherish is the exclusive provider of services in our building. Cherish is a business. This is NOT a typical condo. Condo owners do NOT have the right to prevent the owners of Cherish at Central Park from completing any maintenance deemed necessary by Cherish at Central Park. If Cherish at Central Park determines that work needs to be done, for which Cherish at Central Park pays the vast majority of, it will be done WITHOUT consulting the condo owners. Condo owners access to Cherish at Central Park is determined by contract. In the event of a breach, which has sadly happened, Cherish at Central Park has rights which it has had to enforce to protect its other Residents and staff. As a condo owner, you pay a share of the cost of electricity to heat, cool, light and maintain the hallways, elevators and stairs and a portion of ALL COSTS for operating and maintaining the areas that condo owners use not covered by the basic amenity fee. These are costs. There is no mark-up. As a condo owner, you pay into the reserve fund set aside for the roof or other major capital items when the time comes to replace them. This was intended to be an opportunity to have the most affordable living available in a premier senior living residence through the ownership of a unit, a unit that shares the costs for shared use areas. Condo owners are obligated to follow the rules and regulations in place for the best management of the entire building for everyone’s benefit. This includes pandemic or outbreak protocols. 27 of 169 Units are owned by individuals not related to the Owners of Cherish at Central Park. Sadly, a select few of this 15% believe they they should run the show for the entire building or be able to block required work, to the point where $17,000~ of  funds designated for other uses were used by the Strata Council, against a failed vote, in the pursuit of their misguided agenda – legal fees and an attempt at arbitration, even though they lost the vote. This Council was voted out November 30, 2022. Minutes, prepared by the lawyer for Cherish at Central Park were prepared and published for the November 30 meeting, as were minutes for the May 30, 2023 meeting. Approved Minutes are not available for the prior years, since about 2019 due to the desire of the former Council to add what wasn’t said at the meeting and exclude what was said at the meeting. Given Strata meetings have been highly contentious and mob-like, the current Council consisting of Stew Gordon, Marlene Shankland and Joanne Hicks, have indicated that all strata meetings will be held electronically. Again, please book a tour for yourself if you are considering buying.

A certain individual regularly stating incorrect information DOES NOT live at Cherish. He lives near the facility. He was barred from Cherish at Central Park owned parts of the building in 2018 for consistently taking food without paying and displaying aggressive behaviour – after two warnings. This man’s mother lives at Cherish and he has access rights to her condo via easement. He takes every opportunity to slander us and Cherish, and as our Residents will tell you, without justification. When he was barred there were many hugs shared.

Each condominium offers in-suite laundry, a full kitchen with fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave range hood, stone type countertops and luxury vinyl plank wood grain flooring. There are three elevators in the six-storey building.

From the organization of the strata corporation through to construction, our condominiums are designed for carefree living and peace of mind.

Cherish is the owner and operator of the Independent Living month-to-month suites at the Central Park Residence, a good neighbour to have.

There is no doubt that Ownership translates to affordability, independence and control over where you live, but what about the hassles of building management? Well, that’s the beauty of owning a fully staffed and professionally managed building – looking after the building is someone else’s job! That someone else is the Cherish Living Group, local people who are known for doing the right thing. The owners have received numerous awards over the years such a Business of the Year, Seniors Development of the Year, Citizen of the Year.

“I thought I would be bored, but it has been the best three years of my life. Someone takes care of all the work. There is always something to do and someone to do it with. Everyone is happy here. I wish I had listened to Rita and moved in years ago.”

– Buck Taylor

This is the Cherish Way! Cherish exists to make your day a good day, every day.

What about “leaky” condos? The first and probably most important thing is that the owners of this building are long-term owners. What we build  – we have to look after for the long term – making it is just as important to us as it is to you that the construction is of the best quality. A long time ago we learned that the Building Code was a minimum standard. Although not required by the Building Code, we use a Building Envelope Engineer. This engineer specializes in making sure that the exterior of the building does its job and that is to keep the elements out – by design. Our builder, Heatherbrae Builders, has the knowledge and expertise to be sure of the installation. The entire building has had cementitious siding – little more money – but “Hardi” looks great and is super low maintenance because it is made of concrete with a 50-year warranty (15 on the paint). The luxury vinyl plank flooring has a lifetime warranty. The rest of the building has a 2-year warranty provided by the builder, Heatherbrae Builders Co. Ltd. and the Home Protection Office 2-5-10 warranty.

Are you ready to be Cherished?

Give us a call for more information or to be invited to our next Information Session. We’d love to hear from you.


Ash Suite – SOLD OUT

1 bedroom | 1 bathroom

600 sq ft.

Download Floorplan

Elm Suite – SOLD OUT

2 bedrooms | 2 baths

800 sq ft.

Download Floorplan

Chestnut Suite – SOLD OUT

2 bedrooms | 2 baths

810 sq ft.

Download Floorplan

Dogwood Suite – SOLD OUT

2 bedrooms | 2 baths

865 sq ft.

Download Floorplan


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